Click on the Client Portal. Click on New Order to begin booking.

STEPS 2 & 3

Enter the information for the pick-up location

  • You can select an address record from the address book or enter each field manually.
  • Fields with red asterisks (*) are required.
  • All addresses require a City/State/Zip Combination. The city is the (nearest) town/city of the address.  The state is arrived at by using the first and last letter of the parish but ignore the saint (St.) portion e.g. St. James is JS, Clarendon is CN, St Catherine is CE, etc
  • If there is an applicable City & State combination, the Zip code will automatically populate. Relevant Zip Codes follow the format JMxxx##.  This is extremely important that it generates a zip, or else the order will not be able to be processed.
  • In the instruction field, declare the items to be picked up and the amount.

Enter the information for the delivery location


Select service type & vehicle type

  • Service type should be “Standard Pricing”.
  • Vehicle type should be “Bike/Van”.


Set date and time for pickup and Delivery

For a morning pick-up (Orders being created before 10:15 AM) use the times in the illustration above.

For an afternoon pick-up (After 10:15 AM, before 3:00 PM) see illustration

If you are unsure of what time range we go to your locations, you can check out the Locations -> Where We Go link on our website (see screenshot to the right), or click the button below to see our basic delivery rates.  Either of these 2 links will assist.


Choose COD location

Choose the location (Pickup OR Delivery) at which payment will be collected.  Payment cannot be done at both ends in any way, shape or form!


Add packages to the order

  • For each package type, add the amount in the input box for that type then press set.
  • This has to be done for one package type at a time.
  • Then click ‘Close’ after all items are added.


Auto Notification Email

  • To provide an electronic receipt of this order, enter the email address in any of the fields
  • After entering the email address on the left-hand side, choose any or all of the applicable events from the right-hand side by clicking in the box Select events… The applicable events are On Submittal, On Pickup and On POD.  If you would like to receive more than one event, click back in the same box to choose the additional.


Order Review

  • Review the order details carefully because this is the final point of return.
  • Select edit order if you wish to go back to the order to make changes.
  • Note that this screen also displays the Quote Summary, showing the pre-GCT, GCT and Total Rate, along with the OrderTrackingID
  • Once everything is completed, press Submit Order to complete the process.
  • Close the browser


Order Tracking

  • The status of the order can be reviewed periodically by clicking on the Tracking link at the top of the webpage
  • Scroll down to review the instructions, and then enter the OrderTrackingID into the box
  • The current status of the order will be highlighted. Scrolling down will give additional information, such as the POD name, date & time, packages and rates.  Print Friendly can be used to get a printout of same.