frequently asked questions


What happens if I have already ordered a restricted item?

If it is not yet shipped to Jamaica, and is to be delivered to our office in the US, the options you have are:

● Request from the vendor or manufacturer a return label to be sent to our Florida Office and TARA return the item on your behalf.
● Have the item collected from our TARA Florida Office.
● Abandon the item and request it be destroyed.

If the item has shipped from our Florida Office and arrived in Jamaica, it will potentially be seized by Jamaica Customs and destroyed. In some cases, you may discuss with Jamaica Customs the possibility of obtaining a permit to allow the clearance of the item. For Further information, please feel free to contact our offices.


What is CIF value?

Cost: This is the total cost of the goods abroad including ex-factory price, commission, mark-up and inland freight but excluding sales tax and interest. The cost of the goods is sometimes expressed as FOB (Free on Board) or FOA (Free on Air)

Insurance: This is the insurance charge which is payable to transport the goods to Jamaica in order to ensure that some compensation will be available to you in the event of the loss or damage of the goods.

If you have not paid any insurance charges when freighting your goods to Jamaica, an insurance charge is still applicable for valuation purposes. For goods arriving by sea, the insurance charge is 1.5% of the total Cost and Freight (c. & f.), that is, if the goods cost US$100 and the freight charge is US$50, then C&F would be US$100 + US$50 = US$150. 1.5% of US$150, i.e. 150 x 3/200 = US$2.25. Total c.i.f. therefore is $100 + $50 + $2.25 = US$152.25.

For shipments arriving by air the insurance applicable is 1% of the total of the Cost and Freight.

Freight: This is the amount of money paid or payable to the shipping agent or the airlines for the goods to be shipped or transported to Jamaica, including inland freight, packaging and handling charges.