Ground Fleet

Our fleet of over 50 vans and 10 motorbikes allow for faster pickups and deliveries of envelopes and packages. This service was designed to facilitate the corporate metropolitan areas island-wide and provide Same Day delivery. Our coverage also extends to all other rural and remote areas for Next Day delivery.

Oversized Truck Fleet

We have 3 trucks within our fleet that allow us to transport almost anything for our customers! From car parts to furniture we have the trucks to do the job and get your items to you in a timely fashion.

Aircraft Fleet

We currently have 2 Cessna Aircrafts which allows us to provide faster deliveries and overnight deliveries to our customers. We serve Tinson Pen Aerodrome, Sangster International Airport and Negril Aerodrome.

  • Fleet of over 70 Vehicles
  • Drop Centres in every Parish
  • 2 Cessna Aircrafts
  • Overnight Delivery