Hazardous Materials

All Explosive materials including fireworks, flash powders, small arms ammunition or any items utilizing or containing explosive substances, detonators, flammable materials or propellants.

Gases, liquefied and non-liquefied compressed gases, flammable gases, including the containers for transporting these materials. This also includes aerosols.

Flammable liquid with a flashpoint below 100°F, Pyrophoric liquids that ignite spontaneously at temperatures at or below 130°F, any other combustible liquids.

Materials that may be readily ignited by friction or retained heat, including spontaneously combustible and water-reactive materials.

Such as chlorates, permanganates an inorganic peroxides and any organic derivatives of hydrogen peroxide.

Which are liable to cause death or injury or harm to human health if swallowed, inhaled or contacted by the skin. Substances which are infectious to humans and/or animals, including genetically modified micro-organisms, biological products, diagnostic specimens and clinical and medical waste.

Any and all substance or combination of substances that spontaneously gives off ionising radiation including items that may contain these substances.

A liquid or solid that causes visible destruction or irreversible damage to human tissue on contact, or in the case of leakage will materially damage or destroy other goods or the means of transportation.

and substances, which during transportation presents a danger not covered by other classes.