You Sign Up!

application-form (1)• Complete the online form. You will receive an email confirmation of your submission.

• A TARA USA representative will contact you to complete the application process.

• Once your application is approved a TARA USA Membership Card will be delivered to you with your TARA USA address in Florida. Once received, you can begin to ship your packages immediately!

You Ship it!

takeoff-the-plane (1)• When shipping, ensure that the Account Holders’ names are clearly stated.

• Once your purchase has been made, please upload or email a copy of your invoice. Note: If customer indicates there is no invoice available, packages will be cleared based on Jamaica Customs valuation of the item.

We Clear it!

pilot-of-airplane• Please ensure you have submitted your Customs Authorization Letter stating Tara Courier Services Limited is allowed to clear packages for you on your behalf.

• View our rates page for estimated shipping charges and Customs Duties & Taxes.

We Deliver it!

cargo-truck• We will contact you when your package is ready to be delivered with the invoice amount.

• If you choose, your package will be delivered to your door along with your package invoice attached.

•OR You can pick up your package at any TARA Branch. No Delivery Charge!


give-money• All invoices are stated in JMD.

• Your package invoice will be attached to your package.

• Payment terms are Cash On Delivery or payment upon receipt at one of our six TARA branches. Contact a TARA USA Representative at for more info on Credit Payments.