We operate a reliable computerized network and a team of dispatchers who are in constant communication. This allows us to keep track of your delivery shipment from pickup to drop off point, anywhere in Jamaica!

Instructions to receive tracking information:

There are 3 things that the user can track by: 1) Order Tracking ID   2) Airway Bill    3) Package Barcode

The user would choose, from the Tracking Method dropdown box, which field they are searching, enter the information in the Tracking ID textbox, and then press submit to view the result.  If a match is found, then the job status will be shown.  If no match is found, the user will receive a message stating same.

The Order Tracking ID is usually found on the Airway bill (see below), or may be hand-written onto the package.  Its format is ####.MMDDYY (e.g. order tracking ID 1234.040918 is the 1234 order for the 9th of April, 2018).

The airway bill number is a large (usually red) number located on the upper right-hand side of the airway bill, above a corresponding barcode.    The airway bill can also be used as a package barcode.

Packages may also come with a Tara-branded barcode (see below).  Each package must have a barcode, and each order must have at least one package.  This can be searched for as a package barcode.

Some packages will have a shipping label, which contains both the tracking number and the package barcode, as highlighted below.

In the case of a UPS AWB, the order tracking ID is on the right-hand side, as highlighted below.  Deliveries, both local and overseas, can be tracked via the website,  Local UPS deliveries only can be tracked via the search method above.  For outbound deliveries,please use only  The UPS Airway bill number can be used either as an airway bill or as a package barcode.

If a UPS label is used, the airway bill number is highlighted below.  This number can be used as either the airway bill, or the package barcode.   When inputting this number, do not include any spaces.


For tracking information related to TARA USA

 Each TARA USA package would be delivered to our facility in Florida via UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon Shipping, etc.  When your package was shipped, the shipper should have sent you a Shipping Notification indication the carrier being used and a tracking number.  TARA USA will use this number as the Package Barcode.

Using the drop down above, select “Package Barcode” and then enter the number you received on your Shipping Notification

If you are having difficulty, please contact our call centre at 888-TARACAN or send an email to
Please ensure you have :

• Account Holder’s name as stated on Package

• Your TU#